Woodfired Pizza Oven
Hire a Pizza oven for your Party
Woodfired Pizza Oven
Get the team involved Easily make your own Pizza
Woodfired Pizza Oven
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Woodfired Pizza Oven

Woodfired pizza oven for hire

Everyone loves pizza and wood fired ovens produce the best. So, instead of burning a
snag on the Barbie, hire a wood fired pizza oven for your party. Our specially designed
oven is on a 900mm wide trailer that will go through most gates to your back garden.

We deliver the oven and collect the following day when it has cooled down. We can
supply wood, pizza bases and all other ingredients.

A popular option is the “all in” Our chef will arrive at your venue with the oven. This
will be lit and worked up to temperature, usually about two hours. Meantime, the Chef
will prepare ingredients for the pizzas. Then as your guests start arriving, cooking will
start. The party will be fed hot tasty pizza throughout the allotted time. The biggest
benefit of this is that you get the opportunity to socialise with your guests, and not be in
the kitchen or sweating ( ladies perspire, of course) over a bbq. Further, your guests are
consuming tasty, filling food while drinking. Always a good thing.

Later on, we can switch from savoury to sweet pizzas. Yes, that’s right. Pizzas with fresh
fruit, caramelised ( cheffy talk for not quite burnt) on top.

At the end, or the next day, we take away the oven and tools. You don’t even have to
clean up plates as it is finger food.


You could not ask for better. Tony turned up on time with his oven. The pizza was very tasty, woodfired pizza is much tastier than regular pizza. There was plenty of pizza for everyone. We had a stream of people arrive at different times for the whole afternoon. There was always hot pizza ready for our guests. No hassles, no mess. This is the best casual catering available, and comes to your back yard!

- maffey.com Christmas Party

Still being written but you know what these teenagers are like!

- Teens Party

Tony's Woodfired Pizza Oven.....Is the best idea when hosting a party. I got my guests to bring along their own toppings and we had a bit of a pizza making competition. It was extremely fast (60-90sec) and so delicious! I am planning to have another party, just so I can hire it again. Great for groups big or small, provides entertainment and warmth! Tony was awesome to deal with and all the little extra's the oven comes with, makes the whole experience just that little bit more special. Thank you for making my job as host easier.....and my party the talk of our group.

- Tarsh

What an impression Tony's Pizza Oven made at our latest company event. We turned our office into a Pizzeria and prepared a team building event around it. Tony delivered the oven to us with everything we needed, including very clear instructions. Everyone got their chance to enhance their cooking skills by creating the perfect wood fired pizza, this made catering the event easy and stress free. We were all blown away at how amazing they looked and tasted. Thanks

- Saskia, Adshell

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