Woodfired Pizza Oven
Hire a Pizza oven for your Party
Woodfired Pizza Oven
Get the team involved Easily make your own Pizza
Woodfired Pizza Oven
Hot Fresh Yummy woodfired pizza


Some of your questions are answered below.  If you want to know anything else, contact us

How long does it take

Once the oven is hot, the pizzas take about 2-3 mins each to cook. The pizza oven must be very hot.  It takes about 2 hours to heat up.

Is it easy

Yes.  With a short lesson, you can be making your own pizza.  Alternatively you can hire our chef to make the pizza for you.

Why a Woodfired Pizza oven?

1) Woodfired pizza is yummy, with a great smoky taste that you don't get with a normal pizza.

2) Once it is hot, the oven can produce pizza very quickly.  This makes it easy to feed a large group without all the waiting you get with some catering options.

3) Woodfired Pizza is healthy, made with fresh ingredients.

Will it go through my garden gate?

It is very likely.  The oven is 900mm wide.